Exclusive Interviews with Canadian Hip-Hop Artists

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Exclusive Interviews with Canadian Hip-Hop Artists

XFM reporter Kate Walker interviews two talented young Canadian rappers, Clyde Smith (Left) and Dom Alli (Right).

Clyde Smith (Left) and Dom Alli (Right) are two native Toronto boys that have dreams of making it big in the Hip-Hop industry.  From a young age, both boys grew up in families surrounded by music which inspired them to take it upon themselves as a hobby as well.  When music as their hobby became their passion, both Clyde and Dom took it to the next level and began their rap careers; but not without the help of their friend, Ben Dinadis a.k.a “BennyBeatz.”

Ben Dinadis, originally from Oakville, has a different love for music, a more behind-the-scenes love.  After Ben bought a cheap keyboard from a local Best Buy in high school, he found himself playing around and starting to make his own electronic beats.  When Ben started to develop a passion for making his own beats, he then got his nickname “BennyBeatz.”

With Ben’s highly skilled production of music, and with Clyde and Dom’s talent for spitting rhymes, the boys teamed up and began to make music together.  The boys began making songs, and even working on full mixtapes, which are featured on their SoundCloud.

With dreams of being noticed by industry professionals, the boys landed their first gig on tour with well-known Hip-Hop artist, Peter Jackson.  Clyde, Dom, and Ben were fortunate enough to be featured as some of the opening acts for Peter, who has collaborated with big celebrities like


– Waka Flocka Flame

– Jadakiss

– Tory Lanez

On Friday, April 3rd at Ciroc Lounge, Peter Jackson’s “Since I Was Sixteen” tour stopped in London where the boys delivered their talent on stage, prior to Peter’s act.  They then went on to Hamilton for their next show, and continued to other cities around Canada.  It’s safe to say the boys are living their dream, and hope to continue to be exposed to the industry with more opportunities like Peter Jackson’s tour.  The Hip-Hop world definitely isn’t an easy “in”, but with these boys’ talent, drive, and ambition, nothing can come in the way of them and their dreams.

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