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1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

Fanshawe Student Union puts on many events here at Fanshawe College to give students a memorable experience during College more than just their studies.

FSU is combined of Fanshawe Students who are passionate about encouraging students to get involved at their school.

With activities and events daily for students, it’s a perfect way to take a break from your studies and release some stress

The Biz Booth is your all access pass to Fanshawe’s events. The Biz Booth is located through the SUB right before entering J Building. This is where students can purchase tickets for all events put on by the FSU. Events that can be purchased at the Biz Booth include:

  • Outback Shack Pubs
  • Cheap movie tickets at Rainbow Cinema
  • FSU field trips
  • Rent a pool table
  • Budweiser Gardens events

Aside from just events at Fanshawe, the Biz Booth also offers students tickets to all events at Budweiser Gardens downtown including Knights games and concerts. Fanshawe’s Biz Booth one of the three exclusive outlets in London for tickets to Budweiser Garden events.

Fanshawe has a good reputation of creating a good entertainment scene within the college. Fanshawe has had big names perform at the college including Juno winners Lights and Classified. Classified kicked off the school year this year performing at Fanshawe’s Frosh Fest which was open for all students. A recent performer that visited Fanshawe college was country superstar Tim Hicks. Hicks included Fanshawe college in his College Throw Down tour performing live in Forewell Hall exclusively for Fanshawe Students.

With all the events put on by the school, every student at Fanshawe is sure to find something enjoyable for them!


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