Can going out affect your academics?

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As the school year comes to an end, some students are reflecting on things they could have done better or grades they may have missed out on. Some students say that going out on school nights to local bars has definitely affected their grades and attendance.

Drinking can affect not only your memory but also your sleeping patterns; less sleep or a poor sleep. This means that after a late night out, your body is not ready to get up only a few short hours later, so some students say it “seems better just not to go”. Hangovers lead to missed classes and falling behind in school work.

In any year of school, those who drink are upwards of 6 times more likely to say they have missed classes and are twice as likely to say that their motivation and effort has decreased.

Alcohol is considered a factor in 48 percent of academic problems and 28 percent of all college dropouts.

If you think this has happened to you this year, make sure you keep your priorities in check and stay on top of things for next year. With exams coming up, if you think your grades are in trouble, make sure to talk to a student success advisor.

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