Students want to see changes to Intramural Sports

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Fanshawe College’s Intramural sports are a big hit with the students. Having a great selection of sports to choose from each semester keeps the kids coming back.

3 on 3 and 5 on 5 basketball, Boys and Co-ed Volleyball and dodgeball are just some of the most popular. There is also floor hockey and indoor soccer to play.

Even though there are a number of teams always signed up for each sport, the intramural’s may not be reaching all of the students.

I talked to some students at Fanshawe and asked them if there was anything the Campus Recreational staff could do to get more students playing intramural’s.

Jerry Boyd played Men’s intramural Basketball with some of his friends in first semester, and ended up missing the deadline for second semester because he didn’t know that there was Intramural’s in second semester. He told me that it would be awesome if the Campus Rec staff broadcasted some of the sports on Fanshawe TV all around Campus. This would show some students that there is lots of fun to be had and there is a variety of sports, if they dont like the ones being shown.

Even if they decide not to change any of their methods of advertising the Intramural sports, everyone that I talked to agreed that they would love to see more students and staff participating. It would make it more competitive and the sports would last longer then a month or two.

A couple people even went outside of the box, saying that they would love to see some of the championship teams from the sports at the school, go on to a tournament against other colleges. This is familiar to some students because the extramural Ice Hockey teams (mens and womens) do a similar format.

Maybe we could be seeing some changes for next year, and as a result more kids may sign up. Even if no changes are made, Fanshawe’s intramural sports program here is one of the best around and everyone always has fun.

Students want Intramural change at Fanshawe

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