Western students welcome Therapy Dogs

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

It’s been said that a dog is the only one in the world who will love you more than you love yourself. And for students gearing up for a busy exam season at Western University, some puppy love was a welcome change from studying.

The St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dogs program was back on Western campus for their largest trip of the year this past week. Six trainers were on hand at the University’s Community Centre, with six dogs tagging along; the most that have attended all semester.

With exams looming for students and stress starting to kick in, some canine therapy was welcomed by students, who will be spending most of their remaining weeks in the library.

“During exam time, dogs are great,” said first year student Spencer Beamish. “They have a huge smile on their face all the time, and they’re very compassionate animals.”

The program visits Western and Fanshawe campus’ during exam time each year, and even heads to individual residences for a more intimate visit between students and dogs.

Almost all who attended the session left with a smile on their face. There is just no substitute for spending time with these dogs, and something unexplainably calming about cuddly up to a furry friend

The St. John’s Ambulance therapy dogs will be back on campus midway through April, to benefit students who have exams later in the month. The dogs visit other institutions throughout the summer, and can even be booked for individual appointments.

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