Risks of Letting Your Cat Outdoors

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┬áThere are a lot of misconceptions concerning letting a pet cat outdoors. Veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Austin of the Western Animal Clinic discussed some of the health affects of this common practise. Dr. Austin described how, “…they meet a lot of nasty injuries with motor vehicles, with dogs that are also out off leash. Other predators, right now we unfortunately have a pretty big coyote problem in the city. And a lot of people have lost their kitty cats to wild dogs. And then there’s all kinds of disease based issues that we worry about. A lot of contagious viruses from the stray/homeless cat population, and certainly parasites.”

However, a reason behind the urge to let a pet cat outdoors comes from wanting to give a pet fresh air. Also, some bolt or sprint when the door opens, making it extremely tough to keep a pet inside. One solution to this issue is based on training. A harness is an alternative which allows pets to have fresh air and practise his/her hunting while staying safe from ongoing traffic or predatory animals.

Dr. Austin hopes that owners do take precautions as, “we see it all the time, we see abscesses, we see feline leukemia┬ávirus…broken legs, those are the ones that we were actually able to fix and save. Many times when they get to us, we can do nothing for them at that point.”

If you are considering adopting a pet, it is also important to research and be made aware of all pet demands. Veterinary staff can assist you with understanding related financial costs as well as pet’s emotional needs.

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