Fanshawe Students Donate Blood

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

LONDON, Ontario
By: Darian Gropp


Canadian Blood Services came to Fanshawe September 22 to set up a blood clinic, inviting all students to become a donor. From 11-4pm students were able to call and make an appointment, or walk in and register. The entire process of donating takes about an hour.


The first step is to register, In order to do that you need one piece of ID with your photo on it. Once you’re registered a nurse will give you pamphlets about donating blood if you’ve never done it before.


The second step is the screening process. This step is to make sure you’re eligible to donate. A nurse will prick your finger to find your blood type, hemoglobin levels, and they will check your temperature and blood pressure.


There are many reasons why someone can be ineligible to donate. If your hemoglobin, temperature and blood pressure are too high you wont be able to donate. After those are figured out, you will be asked to do a one on one interview with a nurse.

The final step is Donating. A nurse will take you into the donation area where your arm will be swabbed with a disinfecting agent. Once the area is clean, the nurse will inject the needle. A portion of your blood will be kept for testing while 450ml will be taken for the donation.


Once students were done donating they could have as many snacks and juice boxes as they wanted. This was too make sure blood sugar levels were back to normal before leaving the donation area.

Canadian Blood Services will be back at Fanshawe October 29. Unfortunately you have to wait 56 days after donating to give blood again.

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Canadian Blood Services at Fanshawe College

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