Local businesses thriving at farmer’s markets

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Local businesses thriving at farmer’s markets

Economical sustainability and growth starts with buying local.

Covent Garden Market, located in the heart of downtown London, is home to the city’s largest indoor farmer’s market.  Rows of vendors, dozens of restaurants, and hundreds of hand-made goods to available to browse through.

You can easily find your ‘fix’ with ethnic-cultured meals varying from Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai, as just a few examples.

There are countless benefits that come with shopping locally: not only do businesses flourish, but customers notice the differences as well.

“The message here is pretty clear, and that is that you get can fresh local produce in season, any time of the year. And the quality is better. The taste is better. And often times, the nutrient is better simply because it is raised in a proper way”, explains Rick Cornelissen, owner of Eco-Logic farm.

Although farmer markets target selling home-grown local produce, sometimes imported goods can be found mixed into the merchandise. A sign from the MyPick® program allows consumers to tell between the two.

‘There are a lot of different farmers markets out there: local farms with retailers mixed in, the nice thing about the Covent Garden Market is that these are all producer-based vendors. Everybody here produced what they are making’, says Mark Cosens, a farmer from the Our Little Pig Farm.

Outdoor market vendors sell solely MyPick® certified goods, and they say products are being sold at student-friendly costs too. During the rest of the year, vendors and businesses only sell their products outside from May through to December.

Operating hours are limited to Thursdays 8:00AM-2:00PM, and Saturdays 8:00AM-1:00PM.

For more information, visit Covent Garden’s website,




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