Future Of Animal Shelters

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL
Modernized Shelter

Modernized Shelter


Animal shelters are always a big topic of discussion amongst animal lovers and pet owners alike. One of those discussions taking place is whether shelters need to change the way they look and operate to create a better environment for the animals. Many experts would argue that yes, shelters need to change. There are various reasons for shelters to start adapting different models when it comes to the way animals are kept and how they look. Walking into an animal shelter you are at first bombarded with the deafening roars of dogs and the awful smell. But not in shelters like the ones in Oakland, CA, where you are greeted by colourful images and the sight of animals roaming freely outside. The push to change has reached it’s way into Canada where East Village Animal Hospital Director Laurie Ristmae In London Ontario, says that the change bring forward good things.

“All of the data showed that it absoutely welcomed more people in, and of course you are going to increase the traffic and also the chances of the animal getting adopted. But they also found that it increases support, which increases donations and just word of mouth in general. So when you make it more welcoming and more inviting and bring in a marketing angle not just the clinical aspect, you are going to see a market increase which ultimately helps the animals.”

Ristmae added that the future is here and even animal hospitals like hers have already started to implement the model proposed by professionals.

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