Strong Community for London Teens

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL


Youth for Christ London is a non-for-profit organization. It aims to build a community that is healthy, safe, and diverse to provide youth with the opportunity to discover their faith and potential.

Every Thursday night YFC London hosts Connect, which is a youth group available to teens from across the city. Nicole Davidson is the head leader and pastor at Connect and shared that each week around 30 students show up looking forward to the safe community where they can grow in their faith.

“It’s a solid and constant group that comes each week, which makes building the community we hope to establish that much stronger”, Nicole stated.
When walking through the doors of YFC, the immediate greeting is welcoming smiles and enthusiastic conversations. The room atmosphere is filled with music, laughter, and competitive ping-pong matchesEach Thursday night consists of games, worship bands, spending time with friends in small groups, and a message.

“We like to change the speaker each week. Instead of the students always hearing something from me, sometimes we invite a pastor from another church or one of our leaders will speak. This year we have had students who have felt called to go up and share a message, and we just let it happen. When you see students become vulnerable, and honest, and speak from a place inside themselves, you can see the ways in which God is working in their lives. From a mentor position, that’s something really cool to witness and be apart of.”

Connect will be continuing next year, looking to impact the lives of more teens in London.


Connect London

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