Whacky April Weather

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

The weather this past month has been a whacky one that for sure. With snow coming and going and rain laying it on to the city, it raising many questions to how this will treat our ecosystem and how bad is this weather.

Well to start April 5th saw a new low Record cold in London at -12.0, the previous Record was -10.5 in 1995.

And to top that off there is still snow in the forecast coming later this week. With snow still coming in early April it could cause some serious problems.

Farmer won’t be able to plant their crop until later in May which can cause their harvest to be smaller which will rise the cost of produce.

The water levels of the Thames will also be more risen than usual, which could cause some hazards for recreational water users and wildlife.

It hard to say how this will play out or how we will take these environmental changes, but for now we’ll keep a look out for any more troubles with the weather.

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