Music Student Meets Photography Business

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL
Music Student Meets Photography Business


Last year Alex Lam was just a first year popular music student at Western University, now he’s a 19 year free-lance photographer!

Alex has found a way to make money and have great experiences from a hobby, and not what he’s studying in school. He’s been interested in photography since grade 11, and after some recent investments in better equipment  has now opened up a new world of possibilities.

Since coming back to London he’s been given the opportunity to shoot things from house parties, to concerts, some music videos and even a business conference. He’s always out in the London community taking photos of friends and strangers, and always looking for more opportunities.

He posts most of his photos on Instagram, but he also has a Facebook page and recently started a blog. So if you ever see Alex out in the London area, and have any questions about his photography don’t be afraid to say hello!



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