Western Film: Entertainment on a Student Budget

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

western film

Found on the second floor of the UCC, Western University’s on-campus movie theater is a great place to go on a student budget. Western Film offers competitive pricing to trump any theater in London, with a student rate of just $3.50 and even $2.50 on Tuesday’s. But don’t fret if you are not a student, ticket prices for the public sit at $5.00, which is still pretty hard to beat. James White, the manager at Western Film, has been working there for 16 years and as a “movie buff” himself, he loves his work.

White describes Western Film as, “ A Second Run Cinema, meaning we have to wait for the other theaters to finish showing the films so we can play them, but as a result we pay less.” White connects the nature of the Second Run Cinema to Western Film’s low ticket prices.

The University does not own Western Film; it is owned and operated by the University Student Council. However, James White says he has the freedom to pick the films himself, unlike corporate theaters, where higher-ups pick their film selection. “I usually try to get a good mix between educational and entertainment”, says White.

The Western Film first started out as a club in 80’s before becoming a business. But Western Film is not in it for the money, White says the theater’s mission is to give students affordable entertainment. He goes on to say how the theater is actively rented out to clubs, charities, and fundraising events such as Relay for Life, where a percentage of the proceeds they intake will go to the fundraiser’s attached charity or foundation.

Despite challenges like piracy, White says Western Film is doing just fine and although the school year is winding down, Western Film is open during the summer and is encouraging people to come out whenever they need a study break or a good time. To see what movies are playing and coming soon, and to learn more about Western Film, visit their website at http://westernusc.ca/westernfilm/

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