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Here in London, homelessness and financial struggles are still in the act and some struggle to eat and provide food for their families. Most food banks in London only run once every few weeks, which isn’t always convenient for those suffering. St.Paul’s Cathedral Church is working with the community to provide food supplies for those in need. From Monday to Friday, 9:30 to noon individuals or families can come to the church where there are assessed and put into the food banks record. The records remain confidential, but the church just wants to keep track of who is attending and how many times.

At the food bank, volunteers provide the 3-day food supply, which fits the clients needs. Once a week the church purchases fresh fruit and vegetables. The food supply comes from both donations and the church purchasing supplies.

Camille is a volunteer at the food bank 7 years now and explains that everybody is extremely grateful. “I’m always hearing thank you, thank you, thank you. Everybody is so grateful.”

For those who are in need supplies for a young child, the food bank has a stock of baby food and diapers. Some toiletries are supplied as well such as toothpaste, and travel shampoos and conditioners.

If you would like to volunteer, email daily.bread@st.paulscathedral.ca or check out their website at www.dailybreadlondon.ca.


St.Paul’s Cathedral Church Daily Food Bank

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