Out back Shack hosts comedy show

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL



On Wednesday night, Fanshawe’s ‘Out back Shack’ hosted a comedy show starring Jeff Leeson, a famous comedian from Toronto. Fanshawe was hoping that as Exam time is coming up, they would be able to put their students mind at ease and still remind them that having fun is important. Performing came naturally to Jeff since he was fourteen years old, and continuing 15 years later he has performed in multiple locations around Canada. Leeson expressed his difficulties with becoming a comedian, and the negative things he has heard. Like any person who has a passion for what they love, he continued trying to make people laugh. Leeson has been known as “Human Fireworks” for the laughter he receives when he includes his audience in his performance. As Leeson said, he is trying to make a personal connection with the people he sees. He describes himself as curious, and loves to ask people in the audience questions so that he can learn more and more about the people around him. Jeff’s stand up has been featured on Sirius/XM radio, The Bob & Tom Show (WGN), MTV, & iChannel, and his improvisational style made him the perfect fit to host “London Tonight with Jeff Leeson” (RogersTV) and “The Inside Joke” (iChannel) and now he has begun working on his new web series “The Jeff Leeson Show.”


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