Back to School has Business Booming

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL


College students are back in London and local business owners could not be happier. Many businesses have already noticed a huge impact in sales since the calendar flipped into September.

While number of students in Fanshawe College seems to go up every year, even the summer is now a good time of year for business located close to the college. But Tim Cording of Carey’s Bar & Grill says that nothing can compare to the volume of students during the regular school year.

“We have a big impact come September, frosh week is really big for us. Now that we have a new building beside us, Residence on First, as well as all of the new residence students, a lot of the Fanshawe students that come in in September, they hear about us right away and they come in crowds.” explains Cording.

Many businesses even choose to stay open later once September rolls around, including Uncle Nick’s Souvlaki, which is a major hit for Fanshawe College students especially after a night out.

“We’re open until 3am from September through May once the students are here because we get the bar crowd and the people that are around here. It’s just a positive atmosphere once the students have come back.” says Nick.

Whether it’s food or fun, everything comes at a cost and students at Fanshawe College definitely look forward to their fair share of both food and fun. Business owners are definitely just as excited as the students for the new school year.

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