Horse Racing at the Western Fair District

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

The Western Fair district host’s Horse Racing on a weekly. People can come Monday, Tuesday and Fridays to the Raceway to enjoy live racing.

People from all ages come down to the district, while some have been attending the live show for over 20 years. Bill Walters is one of the many regulars that comes and enjoy the show. He says he has bid over 200 dollars on horses over the years. He enjoys the suspense in the race, ” Oh I like the odds and the excitement. I like to see them live.”

Walter also adds that when he bids on a horse he goes by numbers, while others may study the sheets as to which one may be the winning horse.

Greg Blanchard is the Raceway Manager. He says why horse racing is so unique. “You combine a one ton athlete, along with a human being riding the horse. You got 8 or 10 of these ¬†pairings in a race against each other on a half mile track – it’s pretty exciting.”

Blanchard also says horse racing is an older sport, but still bringing lots of attraction.

Live racing happens on Monday and Tuesday at 6:15, and on Friday’s at 7:05 at the Western Fair district.


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