NFL Off Season Winners: One Week In

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Since the NFL new league year began on March 9th, teams have been negotiating with and handing out millions of dollars to their players without contracts for the upcoming 2017/18 season. Others have cut bait with payers in which they can’t come to terms with, while some teams have dipped into the free agency pot in hopes of making their team better. One week into the new season, let’s look at these three teams whose moves best set themselves up for success on the field this season.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

Adding wide receivers Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery will much improve the offense in Philadelphia and make life easier for second year quarterback Carson Wentz. As a rookie, Wentz put up numbers indicating that he will be a productive signal caller in the NFL. But, the Eagles’ offense was still a bottom 10 team when it came to passing yards gained. With added targets to help Wentz and a good defense still intact, look for Philadelphia to improve upon its 7-9 record from last season. Plus, bank on Torrey Smith having a whole lot more fun going forward

  1. New York Giants

Bringing in free agent wide receiver Brandon Marshall was a perfect move for the Giants. He’s a veteran guy who still has talent to burn. Most importantly, he will add maturity to a young Giants’ receiver group who had troubles staying focused last season. Look for them to draft a running back early; if the Giants address their poor run game you can count them in as Super Bowl contenders. Also, Marshall’s former team is the NY Jets who share a stadium with the Giants. Easy move for Marshall; he just needs to move his gear down the hall to the Giants locker room

  1. New England Patriots

If the Super Bowl champion Pats are good at anything other than winning, it is asset management. Tight end Martellus Bennett was due a raise so they let him walk. They traded for Dwayne Allen who should put up similar numbers to Bennett at a cheaper cost. The Patriots also traded their first round draft pick to the Saints in a deal for wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Happy early 40th Birthday Tom Brady; you get a new target who happens to be one of the best young pass catchers in the NFL. Fresh off their historic comeback win in Super Bowl LI, the Patriots found ways to improve and it’s only one week into the off season. Look out!

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