The Real Deal

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL
milestones restaurent

milestones restaurent

Most people that know me, knows that I’m a foody, everything about food just put me into a good mood. Working at milestones, also known as one of the greatest restaurant in London gives me a great deal of asset when it comes to trying new food. Most Guest that comes in the restaurant always ask me, what is my favourite food form the menu. And I got to say that is one of the hardest question I’ve ever been ask since they are so many to choose form such as the steak frites, roasted prime rib and the California spring salad etc.., but if I had to say, the California burger for sure, also known as our signature dish made fresh and ground chuck burger topped with bacon, and cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and the house made burger sauce is the best burger I’ve ever tasted. Just thinking about it my mouth is watering, It’s delicious and only takes one bite to make you feels like you’re in heaven and small angels are dancing in my mouth. I would definitely recommend trying it along with the Italian style rich white chocolate cheesecake with espresso crème sauce cover with whipped cream with the side of fresh strawberries. This combo will change your life, for the better of course.

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