London’s solution to the three-bag trash limit

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL
London's solution to the three-bag trash limit

With London’s recent three-bag limit being enforced on garbage pick up, looking into composting options could hold the solution that the municipality and London home owners need. The City of London does not currently offer any compost pick up to homes or provide compost bins. Yet, Statistics Canada survey’s show that 68% of Londoners practice composting kitchen and yard waste.

Composting provides an opportunity to reduce waste by focusing on reusing organic matter. London’s Director of Waste Management, Jay Stanford, told The London Free Press that “this is a reminder we should recycle and compost more, and it aligns with what most Londoners are doing right now.”


A community leader in composting efforts is Fanshawe College, who has emplaced programs within the school to encourage composting leftover waste. Sustainability at the college is maintained through waste sorting and green initiatives. Fanshawe’s Sustainability Coordinator, Amanda Wittingham, shares that through composting at Fanshawe “not only are you saving waste from the landfill, but you’re also helping to promote an industry that helps offset the need for synthetic fertilizer.”

City Council has stated that compost initiatives will be mentioned in meetings set for the upcoming year. Until then, organizations like Fanshawe lead the way in sustainable living.

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