The legalization of Marijuana, will it affect life at Fanshawe College?

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Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has announced that they will be bringing out a legislation on April 10 to legalize marijuana. This has come as a shock and surprise to many considering the recent drug bust. Fanshawe College had its problems with students drinking in the past so crazy to worry about students using marijuana on campus. when i asked students if they would care if other students smoked “weed” on campus the majority of students did not mind, but most did have a problem with marijuana being used in the normal smoking areas.

Most students biggest problem with marijuana being aloud in the normal was the smell with may students quoted as calling it “smelly” but they did not just care just about what they were smelling but what others would smell. Students cared about the smell getting on their clothes and the negative stigma attached to marijuana being associated with them.

Alcohol has not always fared well with Fanshawe students. Kent Gray the head bartender at the OutBack Shack expressed his thoughts on if marijuana became legal. he expressed that it would make it harder to make sure students are not being over served or becoming over intoxicated. Kent did say he believes that the staff are up and he is not worry about it.

Legalizing marijuana will definitely have an impact on campus life at Fanshawe in some form or another. leave your comments and thoughts below on how you think marijuana will have an impact on campus and how you think think it should be handled.


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