Hard work pays off

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Female body builder Julia Currado, shares her story on how it came about for her beginning her journey as a body builder and what it takes took for her to start making a change.

she started going to the gym in early 2016, most because she wanted to get in shape for a trip. like some people working out at the beginning was hard and seem impossible she worked hard and started to see some result. she was proud and ready to go on the trip. while she was there, something was said during that trip that got to her and have been with her ever since. she was being told by her friend that she was shaped like a “ruler”, which may seem funny to some but was very hurtful to her.  Immediately after the trip, since then she has been going to the gym 4 times a week for at least 2 hours. she’s working incredibly hard to reshape her body, smaller waist, bigger bum, bigger hips.


As a body builder she usually gets ask question such as how to stay motivated. and she reply saying that Everyone is different and so they have their own motives and reasons for getting fit. One thing to say is to be patient, while dedicating your time to your workout. she continues on saying “Despite what these famous “insta fit girls” may seem to portray you cannot completely transform your body in a short period of time, it takes months even years of hard work and dedication, which I can’t comment much on because I’ve only been seriously working on my body for about a year or so. But it’s thinking about and picturing what I want to be in the future that keeps me motivated. It’s seeing progress that keeps me working hard and motivated to get closer to the body I want. Set goals for yourself, create a routine, find a workout buddy, whatever will help you motivate yourself to just get to the gym.”

“The message to take with you is sometimes it takes one negative person’s destructive comments to actually set you on your path.”

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