Athlete or Education?

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL


Growing up everyone has that one dream job they want when they are older, anything from doctor, lawyer, pilot, singer, actor and whatever you ever thought of. For a local Fanshawe College student Shawn Challis his dream was to be a professional soccer player and college is helping push that dream as far as it can go. To be able to have your dream career would be anyone’s life goal, it would complete everything and for Shawn while he keeps training everyday rain or shine he knows he still needs a education.

Putting school or sports side to side a lot of people would pick one or the other because of the busy life you have with both, add a job and paying for rent and living away from home for the first time you have a recipe for stress. To Shawn though all this stress and consumed time will all be worth it in the long run for a chance to make his dream come true. A lot of student athletes get caught up in the sport and forget about education so when time comes and they do make it professional what happens when they retire or get injured and have to leave the game early you don’t have your fall back plan because you never got your full education.

Hard work and determination will always pay off and for this student he still hasn’t given up on that child hood dream

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