CAISA fashion show is more than just fashion

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL
CAISA fashion show is more than just fashion

Photo by CAISA Fashion Show

The CAISA Fashion Show is one of the hottest fashion shows held annually and have earned themselves the title as Canada’s largest student-run charity fashion show.

The night was filled with tons of support, with scenes like sportswear, formalwear, and scenes of lingerie. The fashion show had something for everybody, especially those will illnesses.

The fundraiser fashion show donates all proceeds from the event and sponsors directly to the Children’s Health Foundation, and this year they focused specifically for Stem Cell research. Jennifer Baxter, the community relations associate at the Children’s Health Foundation says that stem cell research is new and research as a whole is hard to fund, and CAISA’s contributions are very vital to the support they receive.

This year, the CAISA Fashion Show has raised a record $35,000, something that Executive Director Serena Lam says was made possible only by the hard work of the exec team, their sponsors, as well as the support by the London community.

Overall, the fashion show stands for something more important than just high fashion. It provides a solution to looking for a cure and also a community feel to work together to raise funds for the Children’s Health Foundation.

To find out more about how to donate or support the Children’s Health Foundation, visit the Children’s Health Foundation website

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