Covent Garden Market: New Delhi Delhi

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL

At the Covent Garden Market downtown, it’s a little oasis of shops, stalls and places to grab a bite. New Delhi Delhi is a small restaurant that has bold flavours and a host with a big personality.

Bahn Mudliar is the owner and sole employee of New Delhi Delhi. Her days are long as she starts at 7 a.m everyday to prepare her daily specials. She works through the lunch and dinner rush with no help, and closes up at 6.


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The smells of her Caribbean and Indian inspired cuisine waft through the air as you near her counter. It isn’t hard to understand why people return many times a week, and even more than once in one day.

Her customers are loyal and range in every ethnicity and age; her food and warm hospitality know no boundaries. Many people agree that her food is true homestyle Indian cooking, and the closest thing they can get away from home.

Bahn’s goal with her counter style service, is to make every customer feel like they’re eating a home cooked meal.

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