Fanshawe’s Fashion Rewind: a rewearable fashion art show

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL


Fanshawe’s Fashion Merchandising students put on a rewearable art fashion show taking you back 5 decades in fashion.

The show was hosted at the London Music Hall by the second year students in the program. It featured garments crafted from recycled materials and was designed by the first year students.

Faculty professor and producer of the show Linda Jenkin, says they got the idea from sustainability, which is a hot topic in the world of fashion. She added that the students made all of the garments with materials and a glue gun.

Some pieces that were featured was a dress made of black plastic with caution tape and a pantsuit that was covered in plastic bags. There was also a hat on display that featured a flower made from used Keurig coffee pods painted purple and pink.


Although this idea to use recycled materials came from sustainability, the students had another cause in mind as well.

All of the proceeds were donated to the Children’s Health Foundation. They even gave the children the opportunity to strut down the catwalk for the 2000’s decade.

The night was a great success and everyone is looking forward to next year’s show!


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