Limit Stress with Exercise

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Exam season is approaching and for a lot of students that means the most stressful time of the year. Stress is a serious mental health issue that isn’t taken very seriously. Stress is ignored by many people which can lead to many physical and mental issues.

Stress affects your mental health. It is one of the main causes of anxiety, it can cause depression and even mood disorders. Stress also affects physical health. It can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The list keeps going. Stress can give you headaches, muscle and chest pain, fatigue, upset stomach, sleep issues, etc.

There are ways to manage stress however and they’re so easy to do yet very affective. You can try deep breathing, meditation, talking with your family and friends, get into a new hobby or listening to music.

One of the most affective ways to relieve stress is exercise or physical activity. Exercise acts as a stress reliever by boosting feel good endorphins in your brain. It can also distract you from your daily problems.

mbuildingjacobkochEven if you’re not able to go out and play sports or aren’t in the greatest shape there are still multiple ways to achieve a good amount of physical activity. Simply going out for a walk can go a long way. Do what you love and exercise will be a lot easier.

Here at Fanshawe College there are many options for exercise provided. The college offers intramural sports, the games room, a gym and healthy food options.

Basketball is such an easy sport to get great exercise. All you need is a ball which you can borrow from the school and either play inside in the gym or outside there is a large court where you can find many students playing at any given time.

When you’re feeling stressed while studying for exams or trying to finish the infinite amount of assignments given to you all at the same time remember to try physical activity and see if you notice a difference. It could really help.


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