Winter sprung

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Winter sprung

This winter has had some fairly extreme highs and lows, and that’s just something to get used to when you’re living in London Ontario.

The sun turns to clouds, clouds turn to rain, and rain turns into…well most of the time its hard to know what to call it.

But for a business like Boler Mountain, these conditions determine whether they will be open or closed. Boler attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over southwestern Ontario, and might just be the best (and only) mountain of its kind in the region.

Through all of the tough winter months, with the snow coming and then disappearing again, one in particular seemed to be consistent all the way through. One month that could have you in t-shirt and shorts all the while being able to grab your ski or snowboard and still “shred it up.” March.

The “March madness” is always a crowd favourite when it comes to alpine fun. You don’t have to bundle up so much that you can’t move, and the sun is usually shining.

Spring is a time of optimism, and even when that first snowfall has got you so jaded you never want to see another flake, a little snow in the sun mixed with some warm weather may actually change your mind.

“Its really important for us to extend the season anytime” says Shaun Bonnallie, Manager of Outdoor Operations. “It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve been able to make snow in March.”

“We don’t like to make snow that late, it adds to the cost of business. We wanted to make it through March break, and we did.”

Shaun and the rest of Boler has finally made their peace with the 2016/2017 season, and are focused on the summer season to come.


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