Fanshawe’s Lack of Gym Leaves Students Sour

1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, Canada / CFRL


The rapid growth of Fanshawe College over the past decade has led to needed renovations.

There are ongoing renovations in C building and J building. The gym size has been drastically reduced this year to renovate and expand the buildings.

There is a $6 million dollar renovation to C Building being funded by the college. Those renovations include a gym and fitness training, a paramedic/ambulance lab and a new 911 call training centre.

_DSC6415J building is also being renovated, a $24 million dollar project being funded by Fanshawe’s Student Union. They are demolishing the current fitness facility and constructing a new, three-floor 55 000 square foot facility for the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, wellness programs and group exercise rooms.

These renovations have left the Fanshawe students who are active gym users with limited options. There is still a gym available but it has been drastically reduced. Fanshawe students are still required to purchase a membership for the gym which has left students upset. Many believe they have good reason to not be happy about this, most colleges and universities have their gym memberships included in their tuition. While Fanshawe students still have to pay for an incredibly undersized gym. This has caused majority of Fanshawe students and their membership money to go elsewhere to find a gym.


Obviously there will be some issues if Fanshawe all of the sudden made gym memberships a part of tuition but having an option to opt in or out of the gym membership should be available. Especially with this new and improved gym Fanshawe will be unveiling next year. Why not advertise this as a reason to come to Fanshawe. With thousands of new students coming each year, a new, top-of-the-line gym could be a selling point for a lot of people choosing their school. And of course we know Fanshawe loves to make money, why not make some money back after the $30 million they spent on renovating the school.



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